Bio: Having moved to Japan in 2015, Florentyna lived in Kyoto for several years before relocating to Tokyo, where she is currently based. Her work as a tour planner and tour leader for Walk Japan has taken her all over Japan, from the craggy mountains of Hokkaido to the hot springs of Oita. Florentyna has now transitioned into full-time freelance writing and photography, with a focus on food and travel. Her writing about Japan has appeared in various places, including Lucky Peach, Roads & Kingdoms, WILD, and in-flight magazines, among others. She favours quiet and unconventional destinations on her travels.

  • Specialties: Food, rural Japan, Kyoto, Tokyo, day trips from Tokyo, walking in Japan, art destinations, gardens, photography, cafes, books on Japan, hidden gems
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan Standard Time
  • Communication: email, Skype, phone