Meet Our Travel Consultants

  • Chris Rowthorn

    Lonely Planet Japan author. Co-founder of Inside Kyoto, Truly Tokyo and Inside Osaka.

  • Wendy Yanagihara

    Lonely Planet Japan author. Outdoor, adventure travel expert.

  • Anthony Weersing

    Lonely Planet Hiking in Japan author. Luxury cycling tour leader and planner.

  • Paul Crouse

    Long-time Kyoto resident. Kyoto photography tour leader.

  • Andrea Negosanti

    Founder of the #1 Italian community about traveling to Japan on social media. Japan travel blogger and expert.

  • Florentyna Leow

    Lonely Planet Experience Tokyo and How Kyoto Breaks Your Heart author. Writer, translator, consultant.

  • Wes Lang

    Hiking in Japan editor. Long-time Osaka resident.