Anthony Weersing

Bio: Now based in Toronto, Canada, Anthony has spent over 20 years living, working, and traveling throughout Asia with the most time spent in Japan. In Japan, he fell in love with traditional Japanese crafts and went on to develop deep connections with woodworkers, potters, papermakers, and sake brewers and masters of other crafts. He has also studied traditional woodworking, collected and sold Japanese textiles, and has written about Japan for the Lonely Planet and other travel publications. For the last 10 years, Anthony has designed and led multi-day biking and walking trips for one of the world’s oldest and most luxurious active travel companies.

  • Specialties: Kyoto, Nara, Kanazawa, Okayama, and Hiroshima. Japanese carpentry, pottery, paper, sake and food; hiking in Japan; cycling in Japan
  • Location: Toronto, Canada (Eastern Standard Time)
  • Communication: email, phone, Skype and Facetime